Mursten Foto 2

In 1890 the English family by the name Stratford visited the popular Marienlyst Beach Spa in Elsinore. The youngest daughter Mary at the age of 15 has in her birthday present in weeks beforehand been given a Kodak Brownie camera, which at that time was an innovation by being the first accessible amateur camera in the world.

When her parents John and Elizabeth and her two older sisters Virginia and Catherine engaged in the joys of the Beach Spa at the coast of the Sound, Mary went on adventures around Elsinore with her faithful third eye at hand.

On a late and sunlit afternoon, she came to the fantastic Hamlet Castle, she had heard her parents talk so positive of.

Hugely it appeared to her, when she entered the gate of the castle, and saw the soaring towers with golden spires.

A sensory experience so intense, that she felt drawn into a labyrinth universe with a force so strong, like a malfunction against the bottom of the ocean. Time disappeared, and the following hours Mary was on a time-travel. She ran up and down the many stairwells and corridors. She let herself mourn from one beautiful chamber after another, which let her further into beautiful halls and chambers.

However, the grandest was King Frederik II’s dance hall, where she immediately imagined wonderful women with beautiful dresses being led on the dancefloor by men dressed in dark clothes, while dancing to marvelous music on the marble floor.

Short of breath by happiness and enthusiasm she immediately felt drawn by a little door with a golden handle as a guiding star.

The room was obscure and in the right corner weak daylight entered from a window with a dark edge made of lead.

The walls were whitewashed and appeared raw with rolling red bricks.

Suddenly the atmosphere changed and Shakespeare’s ghost appeared in front of Mary, who speechlessly witnessed the strange events.

At that moment she became aware of a neat writing scratched into a brick. A greeting for the future with the text: Shakespeare Was Here. The ghost disappeared and fearless Mary took a photo of the writing on the wall, and hurried back to Marienlyst Beach Spa to tell her family about her incredible experience at Kronborg Castle.

Approximately 100 years later in 1993 the young history student Harrison Stratford was at his deceased grandmother’s home in York, where he helped emptying the house before it was put up for sale.

In the basement, he found an old fashioned camera and a stack of old black/white photos with strange motives. Especially one of them, with a handwritten inscription scratched into a brick with the text Shakespeare was here, attracted his attention. On the back of the photo it was written “Mary, Kronborg Castle, 1890”, his notorious great grandmother, who was psychic and ended her days at a local mental hospital. Ten years later the young Harrison’s thoughts were still circling around the mysterious inscription validated by a graphologist, who determined that it is clearly identical with Shakespeare’s unique handwriting.

Harrison Stratford then travelled to Elsinore in Denmark to find his great grandmothers original motive at Kronborg Castle hoping to unravel once and for all, whether Shakespeare ever visited the castle.

Driven by adventure and a young man’s dream of making a difference, Harrison was completely keen on finding the missing brick, which is the key to a 400 year- old mystery.

Today in 2018 Harrison still hasn’t succeeded in finding his great grandmothers original motive and the historical find, which can document William Shakespeare’s possible visit at the castle.

However, he is now happily married and lives in Elsinore, and has devoted his life to his favorite subject matters: Shakespeare, Kronborg Castle and Hamlet in the hope of one day finding that brick, that his great grandmother registered with her Kodak Brownie camera back in 1890, where she and her family visited Kronborg Castle and the famous Marienlyst Beach Spa in Elsinore.