Shakespeare was here

Free Shakespeare introduction every night before the performance

Every night before the performance you can enjoy this free Shakespeare introduction. Actor Adam Brix takes you through 400 years of Shakespeare history at Kronborg Castle in this remarkable Shakespeare

Over the past two decades Harrison Stratford, a distinctive English Shakespeare researcher, has untiringly searched high and low for a very particular brick at Kronborg Castle – a brick with a specific handwritten inscription: Shakespeare was here.

His only clue and evidence regarding its existence is an old black & white photo he inherited from his great-grandmother, who visited Helsingør with her family back in 1890. If this brick were found it would constitute definitive proof that William Shakespeare visited Kronborg at the time of Frederick II, and thus gained knowledge of the Danish royal family and heard Saxo’s story of the vindictive Viking prince Amleth.

At an annual Shakespeare symposium Harrison Stratford invites specially selected researchers from all over the world to Kronborg, where they get the chance to contribute new and interesting angles that back up his own theory that Shakespeare ‘really’ was here.

This unusual one-man-show presents an entertaining and notable gallery of international Shakespeare experts, all played by one and the same actor. It tells a remarkable story that will always interlink Shakespeare, Hamlet and Kronborg in one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

Shakespeare Was Here
Production: HamletScenen
Performance dates: 1-17 august. Every night at 7.15 PM
Concept and script: Lars Romann Engel
Cast: Adam Brix
Language: English with Danish surtitles
Running time: 25 minutter