Shakespeare Festival 2017

In August this year the Shakespeare Festival once again offered a wealth of theatre experiences under the open sky, this time at our brand new festival site on the south side of Kronborg Castle.

More than 13,000 visitors from all over the world, 91 performances, 3 different theatre productions, 1 Open Air Cinema, 3,400 open sandwiches, wooden dolls from Lithuania, 100-year-old masks from Japan, 23 days of both sun and rain, a big, new outdoor stage built out over the moat at Kronborg Castle – and biggest of all, HamletScenen’s first international production, Hamlet, in co-production with London Toast Theatre. All in all: Shakespeare Festival 2017.

Neither wind nor rain could stop our guests from experiencing a late-summer event that was out of the ordinary – an evening under the open sky, with art, culture and nature itself ensuring that every performance was a magical experience. Picnics of open sandwiches made from local Nordic produce were enjoyed from the viewpoint of the Princess’s Bastion, with its views out to the harbour, the sky and the sea. Subjects both weighty and trivial were discussed in the Theatre Bar, and most important of all there were the open air theatre performances – the sunsets vying with the performances on stage for dramatic effect. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of our guests for coming to see theatre in all weathers – and we can now confirm that our Danish weather is perfect for Shakespeare! We look forward to welcoming you back to the Shakespeare Festival in 2018.

What our guests said:

Enjoyed Thursday’s performance to the full, with everything going to form a greater whole, and the weather gods favouring us” – Anne Rydung Dupont, Facebook

Magnificent evening last Thursday – enjoyed every second!” – Lizzie D Andersen, Facebook

My evening was on the 9th August: A still, warm and beautiful sunset. An evening to remember.” – Nina Ahnfelt-Rønne, Facebook

Shakespeare can withstand being reduced to an essence – and that was certainly achieved here!”  – Mette Holm, Facebook