Othello – Anything Goes!

How far would a person go to reach the pinnacle of power? In 2017, Shakespeare Puppetry is performing Othello: an intense drama that investigates just how far the lust for power can make people go, told in a thoughtful, yet humorous way. It is the story of: Othello, a career man in love; his beautiful wife, Desdemona; and Othello’s subordinates, the naive Cassio and the cunning Iago. In this world there is virtually no limit to the dirty tricks, weapons and lies, to which people will resort in order to get to the top, the theme in this production underscored with an abundance of comic scenes. In this battle of war and love anything goes, whether you are yellow, green or blue. Welcome to a musical, richly visual, substantial production for the whole family, presented in a thoughtful, yet funny way. HamletScenen produces Shakespeare Puppetry, which is presented in association with Kronborg Castle.

Performance dates: 1 July to 13 August, Saturday to Thursday at 11.00 am and 12.30 pm.

The performance is free of charge once admission to Kronborg Castle has been paid.

Puppeteer actors: Lene Hummelshøj and Finn Rye Petersen
Idea and direction: Jacques Matthiessen
Designer: Christian Q. Clausen
Puppet maker: Martynas Lukosius
Music: Fredrik Lundin
Musicians: Frederik Lundin (saxophones), Fuat Talay(Saz) and Mads Kjøller-Henningsen (Hurdy gurdy, bagpipe, shawm, flutes and percussion)
Producer: HamletScenen

Recommended age group: from 6 years and up