About hamletscenen

In an age when death is a taboo subject as never before, and existence is something, to which very few people give the time of day between chatting on smart phones and putting the kids to bed, HamletScenen is committed to presenting theatre that grapples with the big issues of life. We welcome you to enjoy very special, open-air theatre experiences at the Shakespeare Festival at Kronborg Castle; to join in with Hamlet Interactive; and to marvel at original puppet performances for the entire family with Shakespeare Puppetry. Our starting point is always the writing of the maestro William Shakespeare, who across the centuries remains profoundly relevant whenever considering the human condition and existence of yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Via the Shakespeare Festival, Shakespeare Puppetry and Shakespeare Interactive we bring to life and administer a unique, unassailable slice of cultural heritage. With an artistic and philosophical foundation in the dissemination of Hamlet and William Shakespeare’s other dramatic works, HamletScenen examines the human condition of the past, the present and the future.

Hamlet: an icon of civilisation

Hamlet has lived at Kronborg Castle for more than 400 years. He has become the world’s first modern individual and icon of civilisation: an individual faced with a choice, whose quest for his own identity is still topical. He questions his family, his friends, the audience and himself. His questions never cease to be relevant, because they address the issues of being human and of making important choices in our lives. In a spirit of exploration and curiosity, HamletScenen creates Shakespearean theatre on the basis of Hamlet’s fundamental, existentialist quest.

Open air Theatre: Art, Culture and Nature

The Shakespeare Festival presents open air theatre performances at Kronborg Castle: performances that unite art, cultural heritage and nature to create a unique experience for our audiences. Our backdrop is the beautiful Kronborg Castle, the constantly changing Danish weather, the screech of gulls and the glimmer of stars.  In this context, the weather is a highly respected co-player, guaranteeing that each performance is an almost magical experience. The Shakespeare Festival is an open-air theatre event where the clouds and the stars are silent spectators.