King Lear

Shakespeare’s violent drama about the vain King Lear, told in a nonverbal, sparkly, heart tickling puppetry version for the whole family.

King Lear is old and will share his kingdom between his three daughters. He will do that depending on how much they love him. But how is love measured in Lear’s world?

The story is told by two bakers, who are baking Lear’s birthday cake. In a simple and laughing manner they knead, bake and serve the drama so children down to the age of six can understand and follow the story. Like all Shakespeare’s tragedies it goes terribly wrong, and not until the end, Lear realizes his mistakes…. that love cannot be measured.

The performance is targeted towards everyone from the age of six and their family. Primarily suited for novices of Shakespeare and especially knowledgeable audiences.

“W-o-r-l-d- c-l-a-s-s puppetry.
Formidable dissemination…. balloon dough becomes a giant cake. Ladles transform into princess. Old cans jump out as knights… only accompanied by gestures, mimic, sounds and evocative jazz the two puppet masters deliver an intense performance.
The performance communicates many layers in the best Shakespeare-style. We meet the dark side of human, when old greedy King Lear lets himself be seduced by bling-bling. We get reminded about real love’s impressive simplicity. And we witness a slatternly ending on the inheritance dispute, which reminds us that the greatest we can win, is each other”.
– Line Dahl, Børn i Byen

Drama and Directing: Jacques S Matthiessen – Passepartout Theatre Production
Cast: Lene Hummelshøj og Christine Gaski
Music: Fredrik Lundin
Puppets: Rolf Søborg Hansen
Set Design: Christian Q Clausen
Photographer: Daniel Seferian Spies

It is an outdoor performance and the venue is Krudthuset at Kronborg. 

DURATION: 17 July – 26 July  2020 at 10 am and 12 am.
There will be no performance on Monday 20 July.

VENUE: Krudthuset at Kronborg

RUNNING TIME: 40 minutes. No interval.

Mime theater

TICKET PRICES: 60 DKK + ticket fee