Romeo and Juliet

A sharp, subtle and untraditional family performance, where the monk in Romeo and Juliet with humor and seriousness lets us live through the classic story about two families’ fierce hatred and the stormy and fated love story between their young ones.

With his garden tools; a big and vividly gallery of people made from brooms, shovels and rakes he tells Shakespeare’s big, tragic and touching drama – without words, but it goes straight to the heart of the big and small. The performance is targeted towards everyone from the age of six and their family. Primarily suited for novices of Shakespeare and especially knowledgeable audiences.

”A living mini drama for children – without words, but with lots of sensuous play, great music and uncontrollably imaginative puppets – and easy to understand due to the fact that the staging sharply keeps focusing on the feud between the families and the impossible love between their teenagers”.
-Randi K. Pedersen/Teateravisen

Drama and Directing: Jacques S Matthiessen – Passepartout Theatre Production
Developed with Finn Rye Petersen
Cast: Olaf Højgaard
Music: Fredrik Lundin
Puppets: Jacques S Matthiessen
Set Design: Christian Q Clausen
Photographer: Daniel Seferian Spies
Supported by Statens Kunstfond

It is an outdoor performance and the venue is Krudthuset at Kronborg. 

DURATION: 7 July – 16 July  2020 at 10 am and 12 am.
There will be no performance on Monday 13 July.
The performance is cancelled on July 7 and July 8 due to bad weather.

VENUE: Krudthuset at Kronborg

RUNNING TIME: 40 minutes. No interval.

Mime play

TICKET PRICES: 60 DKK + ticket fee