Shakespeare Puppetry

Shakespeare Puppetry is wonderful Shakespearean drama, reduced to its essence and presented in the form of silent, outdoor puppet plays at Kronborg Castle. This is a chance for the whole family to experience a sensuously rich and silent show, which anyone can understand and enjoy, regardless of their mother tongue. The performances generally last half an hour.

Every summer Shakespeare Puppetry takes over the ‘Helsingborg Ravelin’ garden at Kronborg Castle with a large puppet theatre and bleachers that can seat an audience of 60 per performance. The puppeteers interact with the original puppets on stage, and the atmosphere is enhanced by music, specially scored for each production. While Shakespeare Puppetry is a great introduction to the works of William Shakespeare, it can also startle connoisseurs with original stagings of some of the most iconic and famous plays in the history of the world, presented in a uniquely beautiful historical setting. The performances are particularly geared to children aged 6 and over.