Japan meets shakespeare at kronborg castle



The ghost of Ophelia haunts the ramparts of Kronborg, where audiences will meet her in the production, Ophelia – Noh. The Shakespeare Festival is proud to present the world premiere of this guest production performed by the renowned, Tokyo-based KOH LO SHA Noh company. It marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan. The production, created specially for the Shakespeare Festival, is a highly imaginative sequel to the story of Ophelia, translated to the uniquely beautiful, riveting world of traditional Japanese Noh theatre. Join Ophelia on her touchingly delicate nocturnal walk in this innovative, yet traditional Japanese production, which is rooted in the universe of Hamlet.

About NOH Theatre

Noh theatre arose in the 14th century, and it is the oldest surviving Japanese theatre tradition. The traditional performance includes music, dance and drama. Poetic language, slow movements and characteristic costumes and masks are the key elements. The main mask in the Ophelia performance dates back to the 17th century. The costumes on stage are more than a hundred years old. All Noh performances are build upon the same characters each symbolizing specific characteristics. Emotions carry the play, and the plots are often inspired by legends, history, or wellknown literature, where the story often involves a return of a historical character in spirit or as a ghost. That particular theme is the performance Ophelia dealing with, and this is where we meet the ghost of Ophelia, who haunts the ramparts of Kronborg Castle.

The performance is sponsored by TOYOTA-FONDEN.

Opening night: Tuesday 22 August 2017 8.00 pm
Performance dates: 22 – 23 August 2017 8.00 pm
Running time: 2 hours and 20 minutes including interval
Language: Japanese with Danish and English surtitles


Creative Team: Sakurama-Group,
Sakurama Office, Koh Lo Sha
Idea and Script: Ujin Sakurama
Superintendent: Tetsuei Tsuda (Tokyo National
Research Institute for Cultural Properties /
Director of Department of Art Research, Archives and Information Systems)
Director: Jyunji Imano, Hiroshi Sakamoto
Composer/ music: Ujin Sakurama
Light design: BASS ON TOP Co.,Inc.
Costume arrangement: Ujin Sakurama

Shite (Main Actor): Ujin Sakurama
Waki (Sub Actor): Jotaro Mori
Tsure (Sub Actor): Yo Sakamoto
Ai-Kyogen (Sub Actor): Daijiro Zenchiku
Ji-Utai (Chorus): Iichiro Hase, Akira Kuwahara,
Shinya Ito, Haruhiko Kitayama, Yudai Yajima,
Shuntaro Makaya

Fue (Noh Flute): Hiroyuki Matsuda
Kotsudumi (Small Drum): Masayoshi Ko
Ootsudumi (Large Drum): Hirotada Kamei
Taiko (Drum): Kuninao Komparu

Management: Gotaro Ogawa, Tomoka Watanabe,
Keiko Sakurama
Ko-Ken (Stage Manager): Yoshitaka Kakinuma,
Yukiharu Yoshozawa
Sound: Jyunji Imano
Lighting: Hiroshi Sakamoto
Photographer: Fuminori Mikami
Staff: Mariya Kondo, Hideko Sano, Chisato
Minakuch, Yasuko Minakuchi, Masako Kitayama,
Kimiyo Ito, Satoko Ko, Mihoko Sakamoto