About the theatre

About the theatre

For more than 10 years, HamletScenen has touched on our time with Shakespeare’s world-renowned, relevant and violent works.

World famous Theatre director Peter Brook once said: “The six simplest words in the English language are TO BE OR NOT TO BE. There is hardly a corner of the planet where these words have not been translated. Even in English, those who can’t speak the language will at once recognize the sound and exclaim ‘Shakespeare!’. Hamlet is the most all encompassing of Shakespeare’s plays. Everyone, young or old can today find an immediate identification with its characters, their pains and their interrogations.

Nothing goes untouched with Shakespeare, and entering his dramatic universe is a journey into man’s innermost being. Where vengeance and hatred, intrigue and lies flourish, but also where love is sealed with kisses and where even the smallest things find their, sometimes, great importance.

On our way towards a continued renewal of the Shakespearean theatre tradition, we are as brave and diverse as the originator of the iconic characters and lines were himself. We create performances that ask questions and push boundaries, always recognisable and yet reimagined, because we dare and believe in experiences with an edge: the provocative and raw, the intangible and poetic, the quirky and strange, the fleeting, intense encounter between stage and auditorium, both physical and online.

With Kronborg Castle as a backdrop, you step not only into the drama, but directly into the history of the place. Explore Kronværksbyen, Elsinore’s old garrison, where HamletScenen has many interesting neighbours or explore the beautiful surroundings and enjoy a picnic overlooking the Sound before taking your seat to let the magic of the theatre sweep you away.

Here you go – a theatrical journey that extends beyond the stage and touches both the senses and the soul.

Welcome to HamletScenen!