Theatre Card+

Theatre Card+

A season pass full of performances and benefits

The Shakespeare Festival is an open-air theatre where performing arts, cultural heritage and nature unite and create a unique experience.

With the THEATRE CARD+ you have access to all of HamletScenen’s performances – both our own productions and guest performances. In addition to performances, there will be other events and activities in each season, and there will be special events in connection with performances that are only for cardholders.

For all performances there will be free freshly made coffee (please note that coffee is not included at puppetry performances) as well as other benefits that are added continuously. Furthermore, we have made advantageous agreements with some of our neighbours at Kulturhavnen. We hope that you too will visit them.

Strandvejsristeriet: 10%
Café Kadetten: 10%
Kronborg Castle: 20% on entrance to Kronborg Castle
Værftets Madmarked (street food): 20% on drinks

It is great to enjoy performances together. If you are several people who have a THEATRE CARD+, you can easily reserve a seat next to each other. Simply activate all card numbers when booking and remember to bring each of your THEATRE CARD+’s when you go to the theatre.

THEATRE CARD+ is valid for one year from the date of purchase. The card costs only DKK595.00,- and the saving is thus more than DKK1,000.00,-