Guest performances

Guest performances

HamletScenen has three performances spaces. Information on the technical specifications can be found here. In addition to our own productions, we present guest performances throughout the year, large and small, national and international. The requirement is that the performances must be Shakespeare productions in order to be taken into consideration.

Thalia (indoors)

Here we receive applications all year round. The performance space is a so-called black box theatre, with an audience capacity of up to 60 people.

Shakespeare Festival (outdoors)

Shakespeare Festival 2022 is closed for applications.
The deadline for applications to the festival in 2022 was 1 June 2021.

If you want to apply for the Shakespeare Festival, read on here.

The Shakespeare Festival collaborates with companies and artists, with larger and smaller productions, from all over the world, and therefore long-term planning is an important prerequisite for the organisation of the festival.

If you have a production that you might be interested in presenting at the Shakespeare festival, please be aware that the theatre only considers applications that meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a Shakespeare production
  • Can be performed outdoors
  • Can be performed in the month of August
  • May be performed in an existing set design (attach documentation of set design/scenography)

Helsingborg Ravelin (outdoors)

The performance space is primarily for smaller productions with an audience capacity of up to 80 people.

Want to collaborate?

Send us a one-page description of your performance, attach budget and pictures and send to

If you have applied for the Shakespeare Festival and your performance is taken into consideration, you will receive notice hereof by 1 December 2021. If your performance is not considered, you will not hear any further from HamletScenen.