Shakespeare Festival 2019

Shakespeare festival 2019 once again offered lots of theatre experiences under the open sky. Our guests enjoyed picnic from Café Kadetten, by local organic produce, in their cosy backyard and at Prinsessens Bastion with the view of both Elsinore and Helsinborg harbor. We sold many Irish Coffees and Hot Chocolates in the theatre bar and again this year the audience could enjoy a humorous Shakespeare introduction by Harrison Strattford and his colleagues, in Shakespeare Was Here, where the four international professors tirelessly search for a sign that Shakespeare visited Kronborg Castle.

Besides HamletScenen’s big inhouse production Richard III, we could also present this year’s guest performance, Songs of Lear, by the internationally acknowledged theatre company Song of the Goat Theatre.

For the first time at Shakespeare Festival, our gyests could experience the free exhibition Shakespeare’s World a Kronborg,which tells the story of how iconic actors have brought Shakespeare’s Danish prince to Kronborg in times of war and peace, and includes little known tales of diplomacy and cultural exchanges with an extraordinary ‘backstage’ cast of artists, royal patrons, famous politicians as well as local Elsinorians, who have welcomed Hamlet back to their town year after year.

Here, citizens, researchers, activists and artists will gather to REIMAGINE what it means to be different and to live with a disability – to discuss different solutions to improve inclusion – instead of exclusion.

Furthermore, parallel to Shakespeare Festival, the guests could experience the large international action-assembly, REIMAGINE. Here, citizens, researchers, activists and artists gathered to REIMAGINE what it means to be different and to live with a disability – to discuss different solutions to improve inclusion – instead of exclusion.

About Richard III

Richard is different. He knows that only too well. He has no hope of getting out of the box, which other people´s words and glances has trapped him in. He sees only one way to break out of the box and get the recognition, he is longing for: The Crown, the highest power. He decides to become a villain and to get rid of all competitors on his way. It becomes a fatal choice, which soon drags him and all, he meets on his way, through a labyrinth of power play filled with violence, sex, humiliation, murder and ruin. Richard III is probably the evilest villain in the history of theatre. Do you dare look him in the eye?

About Songs of Lear

Songs of Lear shows a world of subtle energies and rhythms. The ensemble members have chosen scenes from King Lear, and each song emerges as a starting point for another ‘dramatic poem’, where the voices are always most present. Their ability to capture raw emotion is as strong as their impeccable musicianship. It feels like the musical equivalent of Munch’s The Scream, a howl against all the incomprehensible sadness of the world. Songs of Lear is a constantly evolving creative research project, where the music becomes character, relationships and events. Song of the Goat Theatre consisting of fourteen singers and a musician is an internationally acclaimed ensemble.

The performance was organized in partnership with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw, Poland. 


Thanks you for a great festival – see you in 2020!


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