Shakespeare’s World at Kronborg Castle


The connection between Kronborg Castle, Shakespeare and Hamlet represents a unique cultural heritage, which, for two centuries, has attracted performers from across the globe to set the play against the magnificent and atmospheric backdrop of Kronborg’s walls and spires.

’Shakespeare’s World at Kronborg’ tells the story of how iconic actors have brought Shakespeare’s Danish prince to Kronborg in times of war and peace, and includes little known tales of diplomacy and cultural exchanges with an extraordinary ‘backstage’ cast of artists, royal patrons, famous politicians as well as local Elsinorians, who have welcomed Hamlet back to their town year after year.

‘Between the acts, I went backstage on the Bastion and smoked a cigarette with Hamlet in his long cape and Horatio. The evening was so clear and full of stars; I might have really entered Shakespeare’s world..’

(Karen Blixen, author of Out of Africa, on seeing John Gielgud’s Hamlet at Kronborg Castle, 1939)

The exhibition also includes a special section on HamletScenen’s international production of Richard III for this year’s festival. The director’s ‘log books’ will be on display, along with rehearsal photos, sketches for costumes and set design, and documentation of the ideas about inclusion which lie behind the production.

We will update this page for information about the next pop-up exhibition.

Curator: Anne Sophie Refskou, and Richard III dramaturg, Nila Parly.

The exhibition is supported by: