Songs of Lear


Songs of Lear shows a world of subtle energies and rhythms. The ensemble members have chosen scenes from King Lear, and each song emerges as a starting point for another ‘dramatic poem’, where the voices are always most present. Their ability to capture raw emotion is as strong as their impeccable musicianship. It feels like the musical equivalent of Munch’s The Scream, a howl against all the incomprehensible sadness of the world. Songs of Lear is a constantly evolving creative research project, where the music becomes character, relationships and events. Song of the Goat Theatre consisting of fourteen singers and a musician is an internationally acclaimed ensemble.

Maciej Rychły
Anu Almagro
Anna Grycan
Monika Dryl
Natalia Voskoboynikov
Olga Kunicka
Volodymyr Andrushchak
Piotr Gałek – actor/singer
Mikołaj Bońkowski
Sebastian Mach
Dimitris Varkas
Łukasz Wójcik
Bogdan Koca
Katarzyna Janekowicz
Waldemar Trzaska
Urszula Milewska

Author: William Shakespeare
Director: Bral Grzegorz
Composers: Jean-Claude Acquaviva &  Maciej Rychły
Producer: Alicja Bral

The performance is organised in partnership with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw, Poland. 
The project is run by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (AMI), acting under its brand The AMI is a national cultural institute, whose mission is to build and communicate the cultural dimension of the Polish brand through active participation in the international cultural exchange. The AMI has run cultural projects in 70 countries. It has held more than 6000 events, attracting an audience of over 57 million (since 2000) on five continents. All of the Institute’s projects are run under the AMI flagship brand,

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Please note, you can only access the Introduction with a ticket to the evening´s performance.

It is an unusual and notable one-man show which tells an exceptional story, that for always will interlink Shakespeare, Hamlet and Kronborg Castle in one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Meet a gallery of international Shakespeare experts, all played by the one and same actor.

Cast: Adam Brix
Concept and directing: Lars Romann Engel
Producer: HamletScenen

RUNNING TIME: 17 & 18 August, 3 pm.

DURATION: 1 hour, no interval

PRICES: DKK 190,00 -260,00

Don’t forget the Shakespeare introduction, Shakespeare Was Here, at 2.15pm

An outdoor performance at Kronborg Castle

Songs of Lear seems to have already passed into legend even though it’s only a work in progress”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“In Songs of Lear, human emotion overflows the capacities of language, creating a unique, tragic theatre of the most powerful kind”

Mark Brown, The Herald