Hamlet Studio

Hamlet Studio


Background and purpose:

Since the theatre was established in 2008, HamletScenen has worked hard to further develop and challenge the Danish Shakespeare theatre tradition, which began at Kronborg in 1816 with the staging of Hamlet. The theatre, with its focus on development and special competence in the processing of Shakespeare’s dramatic universe, has for many years experienced great demand for educational activities both from the theatre industry, but also very much from theatre-interested young people locally, nationally and internationally. The purpose of the talent school is therefore to create an educational offer of high professional quality, which can prepare local young people from Elsinore to apply for admission to the Danish National School of Performing Arts.

About Hamlet Studio:

Hamlet Studio is HamletScenen’s talent school at Kronborg in Elsinore – a collaboration with local high schools and Landsforeningen for Scenekunstneriske Grundkurser. It is a new talent development initiative for young theatre talents aged 15-20. The drama course is based on one of history’s greatest theatrical and educational icons, Hamlet from Kronborg, as well as Shakespeare’s remaining dramatic universe.

Hamlet Studio offers:

The drama course is for young talents with ambitions and a wish to immerse themselves in the performing arts. Every year, about 8-12 young people are admitted to the programme, where they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of theatre, primarily as actors, but along the way they will also gain valuable insight into the work of the playwright, director, etc. The course is taught by dedicated professional teachers.

The drama course is based on Shakespeare’s world-renowned drama and educational narrative about the birth of the modern and self-reflective human being, who takes responsibility for his own existence in the world with respect for the community. An existential position which centres on essential life skills in a modern digital social democracy with an equal emphasis on the three main success criteria of human life: spiritual, physical and material well-being.

Who can apply and how:

Anyone who has a passion for acting and are a student at one of the following schools: Espergærde Gymnasium (STX), Helsingør Gymnasium (STX) and U/Nord (HHX and HTX).

How is the drama course organised?

8 hours a week are taught as follows: Tuesday 07.30 – 09.30 AM., Wednesday 05.00 – 09.00 PM. and Friday 07.30 – 09.30 AM. A total of 3 days a week from autumn to spring. The first two years comprise a foundation course, with the primary aim being to provide clarification through immersion, training, theatre projects and guidance, thus allowing the students to explore what role the performing arts should have in their lives. At the same time, indispensable professional and social relationships are formed with other young people who have the same wishes and ambitions for the future.

After the two-year foundation course, the students secure a place at the one-year top-up course. Here the focus is specialisation aimed at passing the various steps in the entrance examinations process for the Danish and international performing arts educations.

By the end of each school year, the students will present their projects at a public viewing.

Information meetings:

The info sessions will take place at each of the three local high schools one evening in January. See the high school’s website for dates etc.

HamletScenen will be present at the high schools and we encourage anyone passionate about acting to seek us out for a chat about the course. It will also be possible to meet current students and ask questions about the daily life and training at the talent school. We look forward to meeting you!

Hamlet Studio is a collaboration between HamletScenen, local high schools and Landsforeningen for Scenekunstneriske Grundkurser.

Important dates

Deadline for applications:

end of September

Kronborg 16
3000 Elsinore

After the audition, applicants are notified of the result in week 41.

Course period:
1.G from November to May
2.G + 3.G from September to May

What happens at the audition? You must choose and present two of the six available texts.

One text must be a monologue and the other text must be a dialogue for two people. When presenting this second text, you will receive cues from an actor.

The audition ends with a short interview.

Texts for the audition will be uploaded to this page in early August.

Do you have questions about the course, audition or anything else? Do not hesitate to write at sofie@hamletscenen.dk
Phone: +45 4921 6979

Artistic director at Hamlet Studio:
Sofie Stougaard